PORTER is a bipartisan federal government affairs and business consulting firm led by former U.S. Congressman Jon Porter. Its members have depth and versatility in policy, legislative/regulatory process, politics, and business. PORTER has access to an extensive network of bipartisan government and professional business relationships in Washington, D.C. and beyond. Located on Capitol Hill, right at the heart of the room where it happens and close to the people who make things happen, we take strategic action, as quickly as needed, to help you achieve measurable results no matter the obstacles.


When an issue arises, homeowners like you must quickly find a qualified handyman and determine how they’re going to pay for a potentially costly home repair. With a plan from HomeServe, you can rest assured that we’ll take care of the repair at an affordable price.

HomeServe has a network of licensed and insured technicians across the country who will diagnose the problem and determine a solution. With an inexpensive home warranty repair plan from HomeServe, your covered system will be repaired or replaced, up to the benefit amount, regardless of age or brand.

Western States Petroleum Association and our member companies are proudly dedicated to guaranteeing that every American has access to reliable energy options through socially, economically and environmentally responsible policies and regulations.

Representing the more than 150,000 women and men who have proudly powered the western states since 1907, WSPA works with government leaders, regulators, the media and the public to share information and create an inclusive dialogue around our shared energy future. WSPA believes that, together, we can innovate towards a sustainable energy future that supports the economy, our sense of social equality, and the health of our environment.