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Boulder City

Boulder City is known as a clean, green oasis in the desert. Located approximately 20 miles from the glitter and excitement of Las Vegas and just a few miles from Hoover Dam's grandeur, Boulder City offers a quiet, relaxed living environment. With a population of just under 15,000 people, Boulder City residents enjoy a quaint, small town atmosphere with a low crime rate and high quality police and fire services.

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City of Caliente

The City of Caliente dedicated its new Post Office in 2001 on the 100th anniversary of the establishment of its first post office. Settled in the 1860's Caliente has provided services to the Union Pacific Railroad in its various forms since the original mainline track was laid in 1906. Through its ups and downs Caliente has progressed from a purely agricultural community to a bustling steam engine service center to the business center of Lincoln County. Incorporated in 1941 and lying on the main north/south highway of eastern Nevada, U.S. Highway 93 North, Caliente is a convenient rest-stop for all traveling to destinations from Jackpot on the North to Las Vegas on the South. Caliente is also a very pleasant mountain home to both newcomers and those who have lived in Caliente for seven or eight generations.

City of Carlin
Carlin is a small community located in northeast Nevada, 23 miles west of Elko and is situated along Interstate 80. Carlin's city limits encompass 9.0 square miles with a residential population of 2,395. Carlin has a Mayor/Council form of government. The City's responsibilities and structure are outlined in the City Charter adopted in 1971.

City of Elko

Our Administration departments are dedicated to providing excellent service to the public through dialogue, dedication and innovation.  Our employees are team members, always challenged, always supported, and ready to serve our shareholders, the citizens of the City of Elko!

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City of Ely

Ely, "The Gateway to the Great Basin National Park", is located at the crossroads of U.S. Highways 50, 93 and 6 and is the regional center for commerce and business in eastern Nevada. Ely was founded in the 1870's and was the site of several successful copper mining operations in the 1900's. Today it is the hub of a region rich in outdoor recreation and historic sites. Among the most popular are the Nevada Northern Railway Museum, the White Pine Public Museum, the beautiful Cave Lake Recreation Area, and the Ward Charcoal Ovens Historic State Monument.

City of Fallon

Incorporated in 1908, Fallon is the county seat of Churchill County. The City of Fallon is home to approximately 8,300 residents. The nearby Fallon Naval Air Station is home to some 3,000 additional residents, while population of the entire county averages around 26,000.

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City of Fernley

Fernley is a growing community of approximately 19,700 people and includes surrounding agricultural areas.  Fernley was established in 1904 as primarily an agricultural and ranching community.  The Truckee Canal is about 32 miles in length and was constructed as part of the Newlands Project (a federal Bureau of Reclamation project) in 1905.  The canal was designed to carry 1,500 cubic feet per second of water from the Truckee River through Fernley and ultimately into the Lahontan Reservoir.  The Truckee Canal provided water to allow ranching and farming.  This also coincided with the development of the railroad.  In 1905 the Fernley station was listed in the official railroad guide and in December 1913, grading started for the new Fernley Depot, which was completed in August of 1914.  The Depot was in use until the Southern Pacific Railroad closed it in September of 1985.  The Depot was purchased by the Fernley Preservation Society in January of 1986 and was moved to its present location on Main Street in September 1986.  The City acquired the Depot from the Preservation Society and there is a management agreement between the City and the Preservation Society for operation of the Depot.  Through donations, the labor of the community, and State and Federal grants, the Depot is being restored and will live on as a symbol of the community's rich history.

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Town of Gardnerville

The Town of Gardnerville was founded in 1879 by Lawrence Gilman of Genoa when he moved the Kent House from the Genoa area to a 7-acre tract of land on the East Fork of the Carson River. Gilman had purchased the land from a homesteader, John M. Gardner, in whose honor he named the new town.

Gilman added a blacksmith shop and a saloon to his hotel to ensure his town’s utility and popularity with the ranchers. As the town prospered, a number of hotels, shops, and saloons sprang up. By 1899, Main Street was lined with two livery stables, a woodworking shop, a boarding house, a tin shop, three general merchandising stores, a hall, four saloons, one meat market, one furniture store, a drug and confectionary store, and two hotels. The Valhalla Society-a Danish organization whose purpose was to disseminate information to immigrants-was formed in 1885, making Gardnerville an important social center in the valley as well as a commercial center.

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Gardnerville Ranchos GID

The Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District, a Quasi Municipal Government organized under Chapter 318 of  the Nevada Revised Statutes, provides water, sewer, street maintenance, street lights and parks services in the most cost effective manner possible

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City of Henderson

The City of Henderson was born out of America’s defense effort during World War II, supplying the U.S. War Department with magnesium for munitions and airplane parts. Incorporated in 1953, Henderson is Nevada’s second largest city. Henderson is a premier city, nationally recognized for its stunning parks, trails, master-planned communities and outstanding quality of life. Recognized as one of America’s Best Cities (Business Week), the Second Safest City in America (Forbes), and twice named to MONEY magazine’s list of “Best Places to Live” in America, Henderson is a progressive and vibrant city committed to maintaining premier amenities and services for all who chose to live and work in Henderson…a place to call home.

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Incline Village GID

The Incline Village General Improvement District, affectionately known as IVGID, is a local government established under Nevada state law (Nevada Revised statues, Chapter 318) and chartered to provide basic utility and recreation services for the communities of Incline Village (initially) and Crystal Bay (added recently), Nevada. As such, it is a municipal, public service corporation governed by a popularly elected board of trustees which, acting on behalf of the electorate, sets policy and determines strategies for the accomplishing its charter.

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Indian Hills GID

The Indian Hills General Improvement District was chartered in 1973, by Douglas County, Nevada, as a unit of local government, according to the Nevada Revised Statutes, Section 318.  It is a multi function district, with an elected Board of Trustees, who, within the established boundaries of the District, own and govern the development, maintenance, and use of public facilities such as the water and sewer systems, streets and sidewalks, parks and open space.

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Kingsbury GID

Since KGID was formed in 1964 under section 318 of the NRS, it has been working together with residents and business owners to provide quality water, sewer collection, snow removal, and road maintenance services that help make this an even better place to live, work, and visit. Whether you live in the Kingsbury District or are planning a visit, stop by often to discover our latest offerings.

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City of Las Vegas

The Las Vegas valley has been named as the fastest growing area in the United States. The climate, the economy, job opportunities and the many amenities offered have been some of the factors prompting our growth. The city embraces this growth responsibly and strives to provide open and accessible government, and quality services to all its residents.

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City of Lovelock

The City of Lovelock, known as the “Banana Belt”, was established in 1868 and incorporated on September 26, 1917, is a community of approximately 2,400 people located 90 miles east of Reno along Interstate 80. Lovelock is 2 square miles in size, which includes 3 public parks, skateboard park, a community swimming pool, hospital, elementary, middle and high school, public library, community center and many businesses ranging from feed stores to casinos.

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City of Mesquite

Mesquite is in the middle of everywhere - halfway between Southern California and Salt Lake City, and equidistant from Phoenix and Denver. We have the advantage of close proximity (an hour's drive) to the markets in Las Vegas, but without the hustle-bustle of traffic and crowds. It's peaceful and calm here -the City is situated in a lush valley along the Virgin River, surrounded by sloping terrain and majestic and sometimes snow-capped, mountains. But, fear not, that's as close as the snow gets!

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City of North Las Vegas

Located at the northern tip of the Las Vegas Valley, North Las Vegas is one of Nevada’s fastest growing cities. North Las Vegas is characterized by its friendly atmosphere, development opportunities, civic pride and responsive government. Located in Clark County, the 78.25 square-mile City is surrounded by majestic mountains, desert valleys and an underlying current of dynamic growth. Sunshine is enjoyed 86% of the year with an average daily temperature of 78 degrees. North Las Vegas has something for everyone including vacation, recreational, cultural and historical attractions. This is an exciting time in the history of North Las Vegas. North Las Vegas is a unique community to live, work and play. North Las Vegas is "Your Community of Choice."

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Town of Pahrump

“Pahrump, Nevada is easy to reach and hard to forget. Just an hour west of Las Vegas and an hour east of Death Valley National Park, Pahrump truly is the heart of the desert and the perfect place to enjoy the best of Southern Nevada. With 200 days of sun, it’s nestled among the mountains that are sometimes capped with snow, making it a unique and beautifully scenic place. 

Pahrump is beginning new economic development with new restaurants, a new hotel and a big box retailer proposed to begin construction in 2014.  Despite the recent recession Pahrump’s population continues to grow and now approaches almost 40,000 people. The town boasts several chain retail outlets, five full-service casinos, numerous service stations and an endless variety of commercial enterprises. There are two area newspapers and an independent TV station. Pahrump is also home to big attractions and big events, a great draw for tourism to the area.”

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City of Reno

Reno is the center of commerce and culture in northern Nevada, with 189,000 residents who enjoy life in a high desert valley on the eastern slope of the Sierra. A world-classtourist destination with a rich arts scene and year-round outdoor activities, Reno has something for everyone inside its 85.2 square miles (and we're a mere 45 minutes away from Lake Tahoe and some of the country's best ski resorts.) Reno rests at a comfortable 4,400 feet above sea level, and gets over 300 sunny days each year. We get about 12 inches of precipitation annually, with lots of snow falling at the 15 easily-accessible ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe area. Average Temperatures (in Fahrenheit)

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City of Sparks

Our beautiful and family-oriented city of over 90,000 residents is located in the Truckee Meadows between the Carson and Virginia Mountain Ranges at an elevation of nearly 4,500 feet. We share our beautiful valley on the eastern slope of the Sierra with our neighbor to the west, Reno. Our climate is mild, with lots of sun, low humidity and rainfall, and a full four seasons.

Since the 1990’s Sparks has grown tremendously, offering residents and visitors a wide array of services and activities. Sparks was reported as the fastest growing city in Nevada between 1999 - 2008 and continues to grow. Quality of life is cited as one of the main reasons people relocate to the Sparks area. Summer and winter outdoor activities abound!

Sparks is known as the premiere special events venue for all of northern Nevada with attractions on our Victorian Square bringing thousands of visitors to such annual events as Hometown Farmer’s Market, Hot August Nights, Best in the West (Nugget) Rib Cook-off and Hometowne Christmas.

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City of Wells

Strategically located at the crossroads of Interstate 80 and US 93 and the Union and Southern Pacific Railroads, Wells is an undiscovered treasure that can boast an outstanding business climate, superior quality of life and unparalleled recreation opportunities. On any given day, a person could view elk on the hillsides, golfers on the green, cowboys herding the cattle, or loads upon loads of freight transported by every type of transport imaginable. These multi-modal transportation opportunities are attractive to manufacturing, shipping, and distribution operations and look to offer future growth for the community. And while the community grows at a moderate rate, the roots run deep with history, outdoor living, and friendships to last a lifetime.

City of West Wendover

The City of West Wendover has continued on its path of growth since its incorporation in 1991. The demographics of the City represents a broad spectrum of information containing population make-up, nationality, and income. As the community of West Wendover has grown, we are now beginning to see an emergence into a new era. West Wendover is no longer a transient community, but instead a community where raising a family and living ones life is a reality. Within West Wendover we now see the establishment of fourth and fifth generations, with long established roots of more than half a century.

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City of Winnemucca

The City of Winnemucca is an oasis of 8,000 people located on the banks of the Humboldt River in North-central Nevada. We have provided a convenient and comfortable resting place for travelers since the 1850's and are well known for our outstanding hospitality. Our well maintained streets, buildings, golf course and parks demonstrate the unusual pride that is found in Winnemucca. People love to spend time in our City, which has created the need for over 1200 motel rooms and convention center facilities that are not typically found in a town of our size. We are the "hub" of the modern Nevada gold rush, which produces the third highest quality of gold in the world. The City of Winnemucca continues to experience steady growth and we are well prepared for the future.

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City of Yerington

Situated along the banks of the Walker River, the green fields and tree lined highways of Mason Valley are surrounded by picturesque mountains full of history such as ghost towns and mining camps and opportunities for outdoor activities like rock climbing or rock hounding, hiking, camping, mountain bike trails, fishing and hunting. If the hospitality is not enough, the recreation abounds for everyone.

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