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The 79th Session of the Nevada Legislature convened on February 6, 2017.

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NLC&M Legislative Update 5/8/17

Today is day 92 of the 2017 Legislative Session.  There are 28 days left in the session.

There are only four weeks left in the 79th Session of the Nevada Legislature.  There are still over 700 bills alive for the legislature to process.  Only 10 bills have signed by the Governor.  Another 6 have been sent to the governor and are awaiting action by him.

Assembly Bill 8, the League’s bill that would allow cities to place delinquent sewer, water and storm drainage bills on the property tax roll for collection is on work session this Wednesday in Senate Government Affairs Committee.  We expect the bill to pass out of committee and then move to the Senate as a whole.

Marijuana bills continue to be processed by the legislature.  Several marijuana related bills are scheduled to be heard this week.  We anticipate that the many bills will be combined into 4 or 5 bills by the end of the session.  Our three priorities continue to be; 1) maintain cities right to require marijuana businesses to obtain a business license to operate within city limits; 2) preserve cities rights to regulate marijuana businesses; and 3), create an avenue for smaller cities to obtain a certificate for a medical marijuana dispensary within their city limits.  Bills dealing with packaging of marijuana and marijuana products, taxation of marijuana businesses and products and the regulation of marijuana businesses.  In addition to the legislation being considered, the Governor’s Question 2 task force continues to meet and make recommendations regarding the implementation of recreational marijuana.  The Tax Commission is meeting today to consider temporary regulations for recreational marijuana with a stated purpose of beginning sales of recreational marijuana and marijuana products on July 1st.

There are several bills being processed that will impact cities regarding public works projects.  The change made during the 2015 legislative session to raise the trigger for the payment of prevailing wages (raised to $250,000 from $100,000) will be reversed if AB406 is enacted.  Other public works bills include a bill requiring that a certain percentage of certain public works contracts be performed by apprentices could be problematic for public works projects in rural Nevada (SB357).  Another bill would establish a bidder’s preference for bidders that have been certified as paying equal pay for equal work regardless of gender (AB106).  SB448 establishes a program for public-private partnerships for certain transportation facilities and projects.

We would like to thank everyone that participated in the 2017 Local Government Day at the Legislature.  We had a good turnout and many of our attendees got to sit on the floor of the Assembly or Senate and be recognized.  The Legislative Reception that we co-hosted with NACO was well attended.  We look forward to continuing this tradition next session.


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